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Linux goodness and problems continued

20 October, 2009 (07:14) | Mindless Blather

My main laptop is an M6300 running Vista Ultimate dual booting to Fedora. It currently has a fried power supply that crackles and a dead battery. Until it gets fixed I’m running on the Ubuntu laptop. Problems keep on keeping on but a few things have worked well:

Keepassx – I was able to download my mozy backup of my keepass file in about a minute from the mozy site. I installed keepassx and opened up my keepass file. Worked great.

Openoffice – For simple and I mean simple tasks openoffice is ok. I was able to grab a few excel sheets off my sharepoint server, edit then put back. I am very annoyed that if openoffice opens an .xlsx file it tries to save as its own .oxx documents. Linux people just don’t get it.Normal users can’t handle that.

Logmein – Big fail in Ubuntu. The logmein browser plugin flashes every time you input a click or keystroke in firefox. The solution is that firefox doesn’t work. Use Opera. Sounds a lot like in Windows getting away from IE and using Firefox. So much irony, hypocrisy and fun.



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