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DD-WRT Anchorfree hotspot does not work and should be removed

9 May, 2009 (03:09) | Mindless Blather

There is only so much space in your firmware for crap. Anchorfree’s hotspot software seems like a good idea. but it isn’t. It didnt work in v24, v24sp1 and it sure doesn’t work in v24sp2, it reboots my 2 test aps. I have 4 different models of wireless ap I use with DD-WRT. I love it , I pay the guy money. Just saying, if it doesn’t work, fix it.

I tried calling Anchorfree tech support at 866-494-4123. The number has been disconnected. I also tried calling their CA number – 408-744-1002. I ended up forwarded to a voicemail of a very unfriendly voicemail message. I left my name, described the pizza place I was trying to get set up and asked for a ring back. That was last week. I give up on using anchorfree and suggest the DD-WRT folks yank it before any more people have to suffer through trying to get it to work.

Anchorfree’s client install works like a dream. Great free proxy service. And if you feel evil, you can easily use it and block the injected banner ads using the mvps hosts file.




Comment from Kiko-Lpa
Time: November 12, 2009, 3:24 am

Same problem. From Gran Canaria, Spain.

I never managed to make it work. DD-WRT should replace with FON or other that really works.

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