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Mac vs win-PC article on PCworld nails some good points

28 April, 2009 (18:35) | mac, Mindless Blather, prediction


There are many many other reasons the cycle won’t be broken. Macs are cool, just not going to dominate.

Home users tend to buy what they have at work. Mac refuses to support old OS and software choices. Too many businesses get stuck in a rut where they run an old Windows OS because of an old application. Can’t do that on a mac. They want a low renewal and replacement age.

This can be seen in so many ways. Hardware that breaks a lot. Not ever easy to maintain. Even the G5 tower had impossible to remove processors despite their incredibly high failure rate. Wasn’t the G5 tower supposed to be all easy to swap things in and out of? pshaw. Macs are created to be as disposable as possible. Cracking all the imacs open has always sucked. The CRT monitors were always having huge issues. The mac air overheats. Just check the apple forums. Same problems, same chinese innards, different sticker. 

Mac is a closed system. Which is why it works well. It should as it is written/built by Apple(still amazing considering the amount of code for any OS.) They are getting close to the thin line between monopoly and cool small competitor. A closed system can’t survive with a large market share because law suits will force them to stop being a monopoly. No more scuttling mac clone vendors, software has to be supported longer, programs from 3rd parties cause kernel panics. Viruses and spyware runs rampant on OS’s that have too many 3rd party applications not conrolled by the MAC. Not a pc I want to own. I like the low market share closed system macs I own now. They don’t crash too often, have more patches than raggedy ann, but look good and keep clickin. Security through obscurity rocks. 

Mac can’t possibly keep the insane stock price can they? I hate when a stock is overvalued because it is trendy to own vs performing. Here are today’s numbers to compare-


todays numbers

top 2 rows are today, dividends are bunk from me looking on google quick.

yeah dividends are hard to predict right now, but go google it yourself. still more than 0 for the last 3. I don’t have any stock at $100 a share that doesn’t pay. 

Overall my psychic prediction is this- Mac can not have a large market share and still be Mac. If they get big, you will see malware, crashes, clones, and windows running on mac hardware. OR you will still see rabid mac fans supporting a small company that popularizes cool tech. Notice I didn’t say innovates, creates, invents.



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