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Antivirus boot cds

27 April, 2009 (10:41) | antivirus/spyware

Antivirus boot cds are the easiest way to clean a virus. Download an .iso, burn it to a cd with a tool like iso recorder which is free thanks to Alex Feinman, the brilliant author. The magic of an antivirus boot cd comes from booting off a device other than your hard drive. If a virus is on your hard drive, it has the ability to hide itself when the hard drive boots. When you boot into a cd, it doesn’t care, doesn’t load or look at any of the code the virus has injected. It just boots to itself then lets you look at the hard drive as it really is, then clean it up. 

So burn one of the discs below, put it in your optical drive. Do a cold reboot, start it up, if it doesn’t start booting to the cd you need to figure out how to tell your computer to boot to cd. A lot of times f8, f10 or f12 will bring up a boot menu and let you choose what device boots first. Sometimes you will have to get in to your bios and find the boot order, usually that is delete or f2. This will take some experimenting or googleing based on your on computer model. Can’t help everyone in a sentence here. 


Here is a list of places to get antivirus boot cds:

AVIRA – Avira boot cd- seems good on sata, super lightweight. Look for the flag on the lower left corner to choose english if you speak that. Good detection rate. configure options to rename infected files BEFORE you run it. 

BITDEFENDER- bitdefender rescue cd – not that great at new sata controllers, but a really good knoppix linux OS to run out of.  This one is pretty, autoruns, is easy to use. There is a rootkit scanner called ChkRootKit, you should run that after your AV scan completes. You can also configure your network using this one, and get the latest updates off the web using the shortcut “update signatures” on the desktop. 

KASPERSKY- Kaspersky bood cd – this is my favorite because of it’s success rate. This one usually is all I need to clean boot sector, rootkits, whatever. Then go back with something else to fix other problems. Sysinternals ERD commander, hiren, ubcd etc. 

UBCD- (mcafee, fprot)- Download the iso from securitywonks, don’t trust a torrent. Read up either on the securitywonks or UBCD4win webpage for the latest in how their tools work for you. Multiple av scanners. good stuff. Should have everything you need to fix a computer. Password reset, system restore, disk error checking etc.



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