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Linked In and are Evil

24 February, 2009 (08:08) | blogging

Facebook is ok because I can publish content my pals will see and it saves me a few phone calls. It is worth it to me to publish selected personal information to it and think about what google will pick up. Remember, everything on the internet is forever.

Linked in and Techpitch are evil so far. I know 0 tech people who have gotten a job through either Linked in or the new Techpitch beta. Nobody I know has made contacts that resulted in getting a job through linked in. Is it a society for people who want a warm fuzzy when they don’t have a job? I don’t get it. If somebody asked me to look at their linked in profile instead of a resume with some references I’ll stop looking at them. Everyone sending in a resume in a standard traditional form leaves an even playing field. How long till you have to pay to get certain levels of consideration through a 3rd party?

Now techpitch’s ceo is bugging me on Facebook? Ugh. Yeah I want to put content on your site so that you get money from my creativity instead of me. Brilliant!

So far what I have dredged up about Techpitch: is a unique website that serves as a technology showcase, a multimedia content hub and a modern interactive platform built just for the global business technology community.  (

I have a website that could be a technology showcase and content hub. But I don’t need one. Don’t have time. So go away Techpitch. If you don’t plan on building multimedia content and haven’t done so before, why give one more website all your personal information? One more database out there to get cracked and ruin your life.

Moral of the story- Don’t post anything you are not prepared to have on the internet forever and in somebody else’s database.



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