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Macs get spyware. Surprised? I’m not.

27 January, 2009 (16:44) | Mindless Blather

It isn’t really a question of IF a mac can get owned but instead it is a big when question. The story I read on Yahoo about some spyware installed on macs through a torrented iWork file show that social engineering works on any OS. Most of the Windows problems I see are from socially engineered exploits. I can’t remember the last time a saw an honest to goodness worm or virus on a computer I’ve been exposed to. Patching fixes that. Stupid users can’t really be patched.

Is it time to get antispyware for your mac? I’m not, and I’m not recommending it quite yet. For now, just don’t be a moron and pirate software you don’t know how to check for badness. Later on when mac gains even more market share it will become a necessity.  For now you can be proud of your security through obscurity. If you want a really secure system run BSD. Don’t expect fluff and consumer happiness.



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