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Microsoft fails to deliver Windows 7 beta… surprised?

13 January, 2009 (18:22) | OS

I would like to offer M$ a bargain. Call me before you launch something and ask what I think you need to prepare… Offering Windows 7 beta isos at 2.2GB a piece? I’d say you better have a ton of akamai servers out there if you are still refusing to do the logical thing and use bittorrent. You can politicize torrents all you want, but they work and MS doesn’t. Transition to a new product that works better than Vista isn’t starting off so good. One would think after 4 days I waited long enough to try again. Nope.

This is not a setback that will keep me from using windows. I just think it is pretty funny and I’m still all ancy to get a real copy from MS instead of my current torrented version. See? Here is a little screenshot from their silly failure of a download client:

windows 7 beta failure to download

windows 7 beta failure to download



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