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Iphones can not be trusted for corporate data security

17 July, 2008 (08:10) | mac, security

I just posted this on spiceworks:

Iphones cannot do data encryption. In my opinion this is an auditors dream. SOX, HIPAA, DOD, PCI compliant companies can’t use an Iphone. So every health care, publicly traded company, payment card industry and a LOT of government. Companies who value their intellectual property can’t use an Iphone.

So my questions are-

  1. When will someone write storage encryption software
  2. Who has a CEO who won’t give it up
  3. Who has employees with iphones and how has it affected you
  4. What other regulatory agencies are out there that require data encryption
  5. Blackberrys have single factor authentication (i think rsa isn’t out for it yet) does this violate HIPAA if patient data is emailed
  6. Who will be the first to misidentify SSL as encryption for storage in this thread
  7. Any other thoughts

Please feel free to comment. If a Mac developer stops by, please pass the word on. Exchange support does nothing for me if the email is stored in the clear inside the iphone. And once you have encryption built in I’m pitching my blackberry and getting one.



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