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Magicjack – Stupid infomercial but groundbreaking telecom killer

5 July, 2008 (06:45) | networking, prediction

MagicJack has this great snake oil salesman. The first minute or so I was watching the infomercial, I was laughing. Then the VOIP light went off in my head and the idea that if someone could make it brainless to install, telephones become a 0 cost ad supported service. Suck on that Comcast! This guy can give you a phone line with dial tone in all 50 states.

Even better than ATT this stupid company can get you an area code in 80% of the US. No other US telecom company can do that. Magicjack blog entries etc show that they have had trouble with navigating phone menus. Like “press 2 to speak English.” They have poor call quality sometimes but that is identical to a comcast phone for $25 a month not $20 a year.

I predict MagicJack will get bought out. Someone with a more professional name will come along. They will drive a phone line cost to 0. phones will become an ad interface. Land lines aren’t valuable anymore. Once there is a magicjack converter for wimax, cell phone companies will be next.

Someday I want to just buy an internet pipe of X diameter. Thats it. I decide what to push or pull through.



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