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Month: July, 2008

Predictive dynamic blacklisting

24 July, 2008 (05:36) | prediction, security, software | No comments

Are they ever going to call it blocklisting and smurf listing or something? This black and white thing generates some bad press. ANYHOW… SRI and SANS came up with this sweet predictive blacklist fun. It reminds me of what Symantec used to do with their free log reader software,¬†Deepsight . Symantec used to give this […]

Iphones can not be trusted for corporate data security

17 July, 2008 (08:10) | mac, security | No comments

I just posted this on spiceworks: Iphones cannot do data encryption. In my opinion this is an auditors dream. SOX, HIPAA, DOD, PCI compliant companies can’t use an Iphone. So every health care, publicly traded company, payment card industry and a LOT of government. Companies who value their intellectual property can’t use an Iphone. So […]

Encryption plugin for Pidgin and AOL

15 July, 2008 (18:05) | security, software | No comments

Pidginis listed on my favorite free software page as a do it all instant messenger. There is an AWEOME plugin for it called OTR for encrypting your messages. When you are using it you can tell it to turn off logging or leave it on. GO HERE to get it. Look for the link specific […]

Stupid Windows Trick #16 – Show excel formula hotkey

13 July, 2008 (08:35) | Mindless Blather | No comments

Everyone loves excel right? Do you have a bunch of wicked formulas? Want to show all of them on the page instead of the data in each cell? Control `

Fixes page added

10 July, 2008 (21:53) | How to | No comments

I’ll start trying to remember to write fixes that I have found in a more concise manner than the usual MS dribble. Go to the fixes link on the right if you feel like it, but use google. It is your friend.

Cool website for security info – Dark Reading

9 July, 2008 (17:00) | security | No comments

Check out this great story about why not to allow peer to peer applications in the workplace. DarkReading All it takes to ruin your company is one developer getting lazy and saving a file to a directory where the shared files are on a P2P app. Or one person with HIPAA data. Mistakes happen. Holes […]

Stupid Windows Trick #15 – Photo Story

7 July, 2008 (09:11) | Mindless Blather | No comments

Want to make the coolest slide shows in the world? Check out this example and then get photo story yourself here. Photo Story 3 lets you build thing that look like the Ken Burns Jazz history show on PBS. move over photos to give them life, narrarate etc. Very cool to impress your friends. Way […]

Magicjack – Stupid infomercial but groundbreaking telecom killer

5 July, 2008 (06:45) | networking, prediction | No comments

MagicJack has this great snake oil salesman. The first minute or so I was watching the infomercial, I was laughing. Then the VOIP light went off in my head and the idea that if someone could make it brainless to install, telephones become a 0 cost ad supported service. Suck on that Comcast! This guy […]

Technorati Favorite exchange

5 July, 2008 (04:25) | blogging, Easy Money Making | No comments

Well I guess there is a BS way to increase your technorati rating. Mine is 0. I’m adding a page for a technorati favorite exchange. I saw this idea on HERE at blueskeltonproductions. For a link to my LINK EXCHANGE, click on that. ¬†