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Google Page rank 9 or 10 tricks. Easy fast ways to the top of google

25 June, 2008 (06:24) | blogging, Easy Money Making

Ok the first one is to write really great content that people want to read. Then google will put you at rank 9 or 10. This is the real way to do it. If you write worthwhile quality content, people will come to your site. If not go read “he’s just not that into you” and replace the “man” reference to “the web.” Then replace “you” with “your web site” If you aren’t ranked high, well your page isn’t that interesting or just sucks.

Second is to cheat and list yourself with every stupid blog directory you can find. Also google “google jacking” and try everything you can. 

Third, you know a LOT about one thing probably. Post in every forum you can about that one thing you know a lot about. Think of something you can create. Like I create solutions to Windows problems that nobody has solved yet.

Thats it. I win! I write for myself and to share with just a few people in my niche. That is the real reason to post things, not because you think you can make a ton of money. If you are here to make money and don’t know some quality we scripting languages you will lose. There are 10s of thousands of better coders who can leach content that you can’t. Sorry.

Leave a comment if you know better ways. I’m always looking for that elusive 11.



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