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Mac OSX Snow Leopard

9 June, 2008 (20:22) | mac

So the only new cool thing in the VISTA of Mac OSX is Exchange support. How funny is it that the best and only notable “feature” is support for exchange? Snow Leopard is all bug fixes to cover up the fact that Leopard screwed things up a la vista. It was a big old clusterf$&* that shows every vendor screws up when millions of lines of code are involved. Where are the funny commercials and witty fan sites bashing OSX for this? NOWHERE! Cause they still have less than 5% market share so it doesn’t matter. (yet)

Have to say I like linux. I don’t like an applicance like a mac over a truly open source linux box. But if you want a closed source systems with the market share you better sharpen your windows tools.



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