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The Magic Candle 3

13 April, 2008 (22:11) | games

I was talking with a friend about this game we played on his 286sx 16 with like 8MB of ram. We would sit there and play an hour a piece for weeks. Then we finally got to the end and the game broke. No candle thingy. They had a duplicate item id programmed in so we were stuck with some useless thing instead of a wick. We had to use his mom’s credit card to call the company, sit on hold for tech support hour after hour only to find out that we needed a patch. In those days a patch came on a floppy disk in the mail. It was a zip file that had to be copied over and overwritten to the installed dir.

I had a compuserve account in those days. We didn’t have things like central patch management or easy websites. I have to say I’m amazed at the power of wordpress now vs my hand written web pages from 97 on. The web has really changed things as more and more people use it.

For Magic Candle 3 from 1991 click here. I’m going to go to sleep and try to forget that I’m now that guy saying, “magnetic core memory will never go away! how do you keep your data if a nuke goes off” God I’m old. Oh yeah and you will need this to play it… or a 386 running windows 3.1.



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