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Date: April 13th, 2008

The Magic Candle 3

13 April, 2008 (22:11) | games | No comments

I was talking with a friend about this game we played on his 286sx 16 with like 8MB of ram. We would sit there and play an hour a piece for weeks. Then we finally got to the end and the game broke. No candle thingy. They had a duplicate item id programmed in┬áso we […]

Stupid Windows Trick #11

13 April, 2008 (17:54) | Stupid windows tricks | No comments

Restart explorer the quick easy way Hit start, then in a blank area (like in the pic on the black area below) hold control shift and right click. Choose exit explorer To start it again, use tip #10, control shift escape Then File>new task type in EXPLORER and hit enter. explorer will reload