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Month: March, 2008

Shameless google ad try #3

11 March, 2008 (19:52) | Easy Money Making | No comments

ignore this part. I’m just playing with the idea of doing a google ad someday. if it works it works. If it doesn’t I’m lazy. Oops.

Shameless google ad

10 March, 2008 (20:14) | Easy Money Making | No comments

Testing out the old google search bar. Maybe ill put this in the top of my page? Use it to open a new window and do your google search outta here! Enter your search terms Submit search form   Web

Stupid Windows Trick #4

10 March, 2008 (19:41) | Stupid windows tricks | No comments

ALT in windows explorer- Do you hate the vista interface changes? Want to know where your old folder options went instead of poking around forever? HIT ALT!! this brings your menu bar back.  Open a my computer instance and start hitting alt over and over. Weee! new (but old) choices.

Killawatt power measuring wondertool of DOOM. or OH NO MY FRIDGE IS A SINNER

10 March, 2008 (18:39) | Easy Money Making, Hardware Info | No comments

The Vatican just decided that polluting is a sin. So to help out, windowsnerd will give you tools to protect your soul. Take your tv to confession and buy a killawatt!! Spend $17 on this thing then start the fun. Plug your TV in to it. See how much power it is sucking while it […]

Log me in web links are sweet

9 March, 2008 (22:09) | Remote Management, software | No comments

This log me in free software kicks total butt for remote desktop control. . The best thing I’ve found so far – build a web link and email it to someone for installation. They don’t need an account or anything. You just go to your logmein console on their website, hit advanced over on the […]

Stupid Windows trick #3

9 March, 2008 (20:22) | Stupid windows tricks | No comments

Windows key + a number. All your quick launch programs are already shortcuts with windows + the number of the position they are in.

Shameless google ad try number 1

8 March, 2008 (20:15) | Easy Money Making | No comments

Someday I might ad this stuff in so there is one every 10 articles or something. It might be possible to pay for a fraction of my hosting fee a year. vps servers pros and cons 1

7 March, 2008 (04:37) | Mindless Blather, software | No comments

Yesterday we hooked up 2 vps’s with In some ways it sucks, you have to install everything manually. For a lot of people I’m sure that is fine. TONS of people can’t get past this and quit. Most of the negative reviews of had this condition.  I was entertained while going through hoops to […]

How to install log me in Free edition on somebody elses computer

7 March, 2008 (04:35) | How to, software | 1 comment

This is mostly a reminder note for me. Log me in free is an awesome free tool to remote control some-one’s machine so you can help them on their computer. It is like VNC on crack. To install log me in free edition (written using IE7 and vista) installation of the log me in free […]

Stupid windows trick #2

5 March, 2008 (20:28) | Stupid windows tricks | No comments

WINDOWS button +TAB – tap that and do what vista’s gui is famous for. This is the cool kid version of alt-tab. The other sweet way to use this is WINDOWSbutton +scrollwheel. Old people think this one is  just awesome. If you want to look like a sweet nerd to someone clueless- 1. have an […]

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