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Spiceworks 2.1

12 March, 2008 (14:43) | Monitoring

Ok so I gave up on it a little while ago. Next week I have a dual quad core box arriving with enough muscle to try out Spiceworks 2.1 in its spare unused awesomeness. I will run through my list of objections again because Spiceworks will be the ideal systems management tool if I can address all of those issues. Today I got a response back in about 5 minutes on a question about UAC. Go customer service there!

My main issue is turning off UAC to make it work. Apparently that is only for the discovery phase. With my recent hamachi fun and editing of host files I think I can put together a good walk through on how to run Spiceworks and have it monitor all your machines even if they leave your subnet. Anyone want to work on this with me?

I won’t get working for a few weeks. I’m going to run jetstress and a few other toys to optimize the disk on my new 2900. Any guesses on what will be the best? 10* 15krpm disks. My guess is a mirror for the OS and 2 raid10s. I’ll show you how to use diskpart to tweak performance out of the disk before you even format them.




Comment from ITExpert
Time: December 1, 2008, 2:08 pm

If you “know diskpart performance tweaks” then you will know what spec disc’s and raid setup to use.

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