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MS Exchange 2003 needs WINS!

11 March, 2008 (20:30) | OS, software

wins and exchangeAnother argument about this today. This is a giant weak spot in a clustered redundant Exchange 2003 environment. WINS is super easy to run and really easy to replicate. Here is an MS article updated 5 months ago to show you why you should do it. If you run a big environment you are asking for unnecessary helpdesk calls because you were too lazy. Set up 3 machines you were going to throw away, set up traffic rules to only allow traffic to your WSUS server, 3 WINS boxes and DNS. This shouldn’t take more than a single day of work.

My TAM agreed that this was necessary. We talked to several M$ engineers that said it was necessary. I don’t understand how people can be so lazy when it comes to preventing a stupid failure of pieces of functionality. Oh and here is your WINS maintenance guide so you don’t have to google it all by yourself.



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