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Log me in web links are sweet

9 March, 2008 (22:09) | Remote Management, software

log me inThis log me in free software kicks total butt for remote desktop control. . The best thing I’ve found so far – build a web link and email it to someone for installation. They don’t need an account or anything. You just go to your logmein console on their website, hit advanced over on the left and you get a link for creating a link.

Now you just email that to your pal or coworker. They click a few times for next yes, finish etc and booyah! you can see their machine in your console.

I like windows remote assistance if I’m in a location where there are real IP addresses. Once you start hitting locations with double NAT on both sides it won’t ever find the machine. At the new job I’m at about %30 success for windows remote assistance invites vs 100% for logmein. The advantage of the windows client is that it is lightning fast compared to vnc, log me in etc.



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