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How to install log me in Free edition on somebody elses computer

7 March, 2008 (04:35) | How to, software

This is mostly a reminder note for me. Log me in free is an awesome free tool to remote control some-one’s machine so you can help them on their computer. It is like VNC on crack.

To install log me in free edition (written using IE7 and vista) installation of the log me in free client:http://www.logmein.comlook for log me in free

fill in the information (use your own email address if helping someone else because you will have to check your mail and confirm the account) and write down the password you choose

allow the java control that pops up

allow the windows explorer warning if one comes up

if it takes a long time, look for a logmein program flashing in the windows taskbar.

agree to the terms

choose typical

enter a description of the computer so you can remember it like BillyBobs computer or at work probably just machine name as that won’t change but user on it might.

next (and continue if you are using vista)

(it should be installing and have a progress bar. Takes a little while)

click finish

the web page now takes you to your logmein console.

If you just talked someone through installation have them close this window.

Controlling the machine:Check your email for the email from log me in. mine went to junk mail in hotmail.Click the link in the email. It will launch the logmein site.

click the button to save account settings.

At the top right, enter your email address and password

click ok or confirm if you need to

now the console comes up.

click on the name of the machine to begin the control process

install the activex control

put in the windows username and password.

If they don’t want to give it to you, you may have to create one.

If they don’t have a password try a username and their password

to look up their username start a command prompt> start>run> type cmd.exe and hit enter. (vista hit start and in the window on the bottom left type cmd.exe and enter

type whoami and hit enter. it will tell you the machinename\username

Now your remote control session should start.




Comment from Codeblue1212
Time: May 18, 2009, 2:53 pm

Why not try making an automated installer, would save you a ton of time in the long run.

If your interested check out this post

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