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7 March, 2008 (04:37) | Mindless Blather, software

Yesterday we hooked up 2 vps’s with In some ways it sucks, you have to install everything manually. For a lot of people I’m sure that is fine. TONS of people can’t get past this and quit. Most of the negative reviews of had this condition.

 I was entertained while going through hoops to put on emacs. I know you VI people would scoff but go to hell. You probably have a config file you load or some favorite tools yourself. I’ll tell you to go old school and do without your own favs as well. Being a windows dork, I’m not the best at linux but I try. So we put on glibc-headers, dglibc-devel, kernel-headers, python, blah blah bunch of stuff. After a few hours I fired up emacs and edited my little file. Fun eh? you just have to watch for dependencies, wget them and keep on marching.

Just for reference, you can install your own apache, rails, lighttpd, haproxy etc on a fedora core 4 vps on There are a lot of complaints against the company out there which I have proved wrong.  Just keep checking dependencies, set up yum and you are golden. Several blogs say it is the worst investment ever. I think it was pretty cheap and works ok. I just need a test box so for the price of $20 something/mo, I think it is fine. I welcome suggestions for a better provider. For now I give them the thumbs up.



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