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Month: February, 2008

Hamachi – start with task scheduler easy quick version

27 February, 2008 (01:42) | How to, software | No comments

In vista you can get hamachi to start up on boot real easy this way- start> type task in the search window and it should autocomplete. hit enter Create basic task Name- hamachi start, leave description blank and hit enter triggger- when the computer starts (next) start a program (next) browse to hamachi.exe (next) hit […]

Symantec Ghost serial number

23 February, 2008 (07:37) | software | No comments

Here is something really stoopid: registering your Symantec business solution suite: Email comes with a registration code pdf. download the pdf go to their dum website and try to create an account they already built an account for me I dont know the password, so i email it to me using a magic wizard. WC967251mR […]

Symantec ghost trial only images up not down

20 February, 2008 (19:14) | software | No comments

I’m working on some fun Symantec Ghost stuff. One thing I learned- if you get symantec ghost solution 2.0 or whatever as the trial copy you CAN’T image down. Only up. How stupid is that to test the process? You can only do 10 machines, the images don’t work with another license. They have it […]

Windows xp,vista, 2003, 2003r2 and quad core chip support

8 February, 2008 (22:16) | Hardware Info | No comments

Yes, you can run a dual quad core processor system with XP, Vista, 2003, and 2003r2. (excluding home editions.) Microsoft defines a processor as a single unit despite the number of cores within the CPU package. So go forth and buy your giant dual quad core machine. Just remember you need to run a 64bit […]

Bullocks on Prosper!!!

8 February, 2008 (21:07) | Easy Money Making | No comments

Check out this loan calculator- it doesn’t care what you credit rating is. It isn’t really helpful at all for helping you guess what kind of loan you could get. go put in an interest rate and try it out. I do love prosper. Just not that tool. After a whopping 60 days my loans […]

Why I gave up on Spiceworks

7 February, 2008 (03:26) | Monitoring | 37 comments

Feb 7 2008: Spiceworks has a few superduper flaws that I am not willing to spend (more) time resolving. I got to the point where I have a powershell script of an insane size to prepare a computer to actually be seen by spiceworks. I would be nice and post that info in their forums […]

Hamachi start on boot

5 February, 2008 (19:21) | How to, VPN | 5 comments

One of the problems with the free version of Hamachi is that it won’t start when windows does. Hamachi can be an awesome admin back door to all your computers. There are a few ways to make Hamachi start as a service in Windows. First I’ll start with something that has the same effect- Start […]

Let’s get this party started

4 February, 2008 (23:29) | Mindless Blather | No comments

Ok it is time to move the old sites here. I started a “blog” before the word blog existed I suppose. You can dredge up evidence of my old sites back to 1996 when I was in college. Same old style as but prettier with this dumbed down editor. I hope to post some helpful […]